Friday, June 29, 2007

"As I Walk Through the Valley of Shadow of Death"

As I Walk Through the Valley of Shadow of Death

Acrylics (on canvas sheet)

12" x 9"


In the painting there is a woman "...walking down the valley of the shadow of death..." and knows she has nothing to fear.
On the side of her gown is the Ankh (Egyptian symbol of life) and on her sleeves are the numbers 2, 3, representing the Psalm.

My First Post....

I can't believe it took me this long to start a blog here. I had it on my to do list but never got to it. I've maintain one on LJ for a few years but I figured I'd expand.

Well, I go by the name Jaishi and I'm an aspiring artist. I paint everything from abstract, to landscape, to surreal, to fantasy. That's why I say I'm an "aspiring" artist. I don't really stick to one subject when painting. I would loose mind if I just painted 'trees' all day or 'squares' all day know what I mean.

I've notice all the real successful artist tend to paint one thing. When I figure what that one thing is then maybe I can transition from aspiring to successful/professioinal artist.

Well I"m going to go figure out how to add pictures. If I figure it out I'll post my latest painting.